Mentoring for Venturing Crews

You’re probably aware by now that the BSA is revamping all of its programs. Changes to the Boy Scout program are on the horizon for next year, many Cub Scout changes start taking place this year, and changes to Venturing have already taken place.

For those of us already invested in Scouting, it can be tricky trying to navigate the information presented to know if we’re delivering a quality program. That’s why it is always really helpful when BSA releases training materials for us to use in our own units!

Hot off the presses is the BSA’s new “Mentoring for Venturing Crews Facilitator Guide.”

“This training is designed to help Venturers understand how to mentor other members of the crew and appreciate the role mentoring plays in personal growth and leadership for both the mentee and mentor. After completing this training, an experienced Venturer will be able to successfully mentor a less-experienced Venturer through the planning and execution of a crew adventure.”

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Welcome 2015

From all of us here on the Fox River District Committee, we hope you had a great year of Scouting in 2014 and are looking forward to even more fun in 2015.

Happy New Year!


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Webelos Programs at Pringle, Spring 2015

Attention Webelos Scouts! Come join the Pringle Nature Center and earn your Forester, Geologist and Naturalist Activity Badges!

In this excellent program the staff at Pringle will work with your Webelos Den and present the material needed to complete these Activity Badges in a fun and exciting format. It’s really neat to learn from an expert, and everyone enjoys the activities from passing around Tree Cookies to exploring the nooks and crannies of the Nature Center. But you’d better hurry! These program book up fast and sell out – preregistration is required!

Click on the links above to find the registration sheets, or take a look at the handout pages for more information!

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Cub Scout Winter Event Patches

Congratulation Cub Scouts, we have the top 5 entries from our Winter Event Patch Contest.

We thank all the participants for their entries. The winner was selection number 4. You made it tough for the committee to decide so we will be displaying all 5 in a unique fashion at this year’s event and the winner will be the patch available at the event.

Stay warm and we will see you in February as we “Defeat the Frozen Tundra”.

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That famous Forest Witcraft quote first appeared in Scouting magazine

Recently, Bryan on Scouting published a blog post about Forest Whitcraft and his essay that is often misattributed to “Anonymous.” In reality, he was not anonymous at all, but a very active and dedicated Scouter.

Whitcraft was even the Managing Editor of Scouting Magazine from 1951 to 1958 – that in itself is pretty cool.

But as I dug around to find some more information about this man I found out that he was actually born here in Wisconsin, August 24th, 1894. I’m not sure how he got involved in Scouting – he would have probably been just a little bit too old to have been a Scout himself by the time the BSA was realizing its’ birth in 1910. But by the 1930s he was actively involved teaching National Camp School and Scoutmastership. He went on to become a Scout Executive in the 1940s, and of course Managing Editor of Scouting by the 1950s.

He passed away in 1967 – then known as Dr. Witcraft and having touched the lives of millions of children both through his work in Scouting, but also his dedication to teaching and theology.

Pretty cool for being “anonymous,” don’t you think?

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