A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with our Council Executive, Stuart Bergman, about the direction Scouting was heading. It’s no secret that Scouting celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2007, and in just a few short months the Boy Scouts of America will celebrate IT’S first Centennial. Scouting is rooted in tradition and espouses “Timeless Values.”

Any changes must be well thought out before future generations will embrace them. Therefore its of great interest that a few years ago most of the national Scout associations around the world went co-ed. Here in the United States, our Cub and Boy Scout programs are still for “Boys Only” but the BSA does welcome girls in both Venturing and Learning for Life programs. As Stu said to me, “It is just a matter of time” before our programs go co-ed as well. “I am sure of it.”

I would tend to agree! But rather than get into a GSA vs. BSA discussion, just take a look at how positive the change has been in the UK where young people find themselves on a waiting list, hoping that adult leaders will volunteer so they can get a chance to be Scouts. Think about how BLESSED we are to have so many GREAT volunteers like YOU to lead our youth!

Here is the article on the Scouts UK website: