An important part of Scouting at every level is to be involved in your community. Community events provide a great opportunity not just for your Scouts to show their community spirit, but it also provides your unit a chance to reach new kids in your community and show them what Scouting is about.

Today our village celebrated Family Fun Fest in celebration of Mother’s Day. Last year, we hosted a Bike Rodeo for the same event. This year, in an effort to be closer to the downtown, we requested a spot right in the downtown park. We invited our associated Boy Scout Troop, and our friends in the Girl Scouts were just about a half-block away.

We set up a Raingutter Regatta with four lanes and 8 pre-made boats. We wanted to have something fun, fast and easy. The Raingutter is an ideal event because the child who blows the hardest, doesn’t always go the fastest. Steady even breaths top short hard breathing. It’s an easy lesson to teach because the visitors can race again, and again to learn it for themselves. Best of all, the kids have FUN!

Early on we talked about having something like a small candy to give the kids that came to visit us. But candy is often quickly gone, and won’t necessarily cause those boys who visited us to remember us when they get home. We needed something to help the boys remember who we were, and give them the opportunity to learn more about Cub Scouts.


The answer? Temporary Tattoos!

Our design was simple, a paw print featuring our website URL right in the middle. Both boys and girls loved it! We paid $.10 each for them (1000 for $100) so it was only slightly more expensive than producing a brochure or bookmark which likely wouldn’t have made it home.

Some parents gave us their contact information – many others were going to visit our website to get more information on TigerMania and kicking off our summer program. And while we can feel great that our Cub Scouts got to have fun while they did something nice for our community, we also know we laid the groundwork for the next group of Cub Scouts and Scout Leaders we had the chance to meet today.

If you would like to see photos of our event, please check out my Flickr feed: