I wanted to take a moment and congratulate everyone on a great recruiting drive this year. We had well over 170 new scouts join the ranks this year and begin their journey along the scouting trail and I see more joining each week.

One thing I would like to remind every unit is, even though we had such great numbers turn out for join us nights, we still have many boys out there that want to join. I meet and hear from many that think they have missed their chances because they could not make that Thursday Meeting.
What I want to ask all of you is to provide a means to get in touch with these boys and allow them to join your units.I always say ” every boy deserves to be a scout” but we must let them know that it is never to late to join.

Here are some ideas to try and use over the next few months.

1. If you have not held boy talk at your school please Contact Katie Dembowski at Concil and do so. A member of your own unit assisting with these boy talks also greatly increases your chances of bringing in more scouts.

2. Hold a second join us night or similar event at your school on another day other then the one you would hold join us night on. This time of year many boys are active in football and soccer and might not have been able to make a Thursday meeting. I have heard from some boys if they miss a football practice they cannot play that Saturday.

3. Send out flyers to the school inviting boys to come out to your next event, den meeting or pack night. Let them see the fun scouting can be. We have a District wide scout skate next Saturday October 11th from 1:00 to 3:00 at Capelli’s traxside skate in Burlington which is great for recruiting new scouts. Flyers should include a contact number if they cannot make the meeting. Ask Katie if you need additional flyers sent out.

4. Use the boys in your pack to recruit new members. Even scouts that have just joined are eligible to earn their recruiter strips and patches. This is a great incentive for them.

5. Make sure all new boys know that unlike the above mentioned football scenario that boys are not penalized for missing scout meetings and it is OK to be in both sports programs and in scouts.Many parents will tell the scouts they cannot do both thinking they must attend every meeting or event.

Using these ideas above my own unit has added an additional 12 scouts just since join us night and more join daily as their parents schedule allows. If you let them know the door is always open they will come.

Have a great weekend.

Ken Penge
District Membership Chair.