Last weekend Local Webelos scouts from pack 328 and 329 and Boy Scouts from Troop 329 got together for a Campout and Haunted Halloween hike at the Pringle Nature Center. The Scouts were looking for a way to give back to the center that provide so much for them and when the idea of a haunted hike came up last year everyone thought it was a great idea. Noticing the absence of a Webelos campout event this year we decided we would ask local packs in the area (328,329,353,385)to come out for a webelos weekend campout. For some notice came within 3 weeks of the event and many simply could not attend due to other commitments, but we were still able to get enough scouts to run the event.
Friday night included a Halloween pack night, a 5 year tradition for pack 328 followed by a haunted hike for those in attendance. Some Webelos and Boy scouts camped out on Friday night and braved the cold temps and rain. On Saturday many more scouts arrived and we had Scout run programs all day Saturday for the Webelos scouts. For many of the webelos scouts they got there first taste of doing their own Outdoor cooking and the Patrol method. Lessons in Ropes, knots, orienteering and Geocaching as well as a Geologist program rounded out the day. After the dinner cook over and open fire and some cobbler the scouts switched into their costumes and prepared for the haunted hike that was open to the public. Equipped with lighted decorations and animations, smoke machines, signs and strobe lights the boys took to their positions along the trails for a ghoulish good time.
” For and event that was just finalized a few weeks ago, not widely publicized and cold wet weather we had a great turnout” said Naturalist Valerie Mann of the Nature Center.

The Boys had a great time over the weekend and with all the ideas they came up with are already looking forward too and planning this event for next year.

Cub Scouts from pack 328 and 329 and Boy scouts from troop 329Webelos Scouts from pack 328 and 329 and Boy scouts from troop 329