WSJ2011_squarelogo_onwhiteHave you planned your Scouting adventure for 2011?

You may want to mark July 27-August 7, 2011, on your calendar.

After you experience a national Scout jamboree, why not plan the World Scout jamboree for your next Scouting adventure!

In 2011 the World Scout Jamboree will be held in Rinkaby, Sweden. You must be age 14 – 17 to participate as a youth member.  Starting at age 18 you may participate as an International Service Team member which is the world Scout jamboree staff.

Why not ask members of your troop or venturing crew to consider applying to participate as a youth member.  Just forward this email to them with your recommendation!  Youth participants must be age 14-17 years old.

If you are interested go BSA’s World Jamboree website at: