I came across this blog post from Bill Marriott of Marriott Hospitality: http://bill-marriott.blogs.marriott.com/default.asp?item=734960

It was written in January 2008, so its getting a bit long in the tooth already, but it was new to me. I’m always amazed when I get to speak with our community’s leaders, and find out how many of them have fond memories of Scouting!

“You were an Eagle Scout? I should have known!”

There is something special about a true Scout that is apparent to all who meet him. Scouting instills in us a sense of values and pride that help us see through to rise above those things that make us “ordinary.”

Perhaps most of us may never achieve that kind of high position of honor in society that lets us look back and say “Scouting helped make me what I am today.” Some of you will.

But what I do know for sure is that if you live those 12 points of the Scout Law every day, you will be A GREAT MAN. It’s a compass that has pointed in the right direction now for over a century. It will take you to amazing places.