I spend a few minutes each time I do Scouting on the Internet just browsing around trying to get information from our neighbors. We live in such a cool place – surrounded by several other councils – its fun to get inspiration from the great things they are doing.

Last August my buddy Jeff helped us kick off our first ever Cubmobile race. We learned a lot – like that the cars don’t go as well as we would like in long grass. (Yeah, we should have found a paved hill.) But overall it was a pretty amazing and cool thing. Knowing what we know now, I’m sure we’ll do it again!

Northeast Illinois Council, which owns Sol-R-Crown┬áin Wilmot, right here in the Fox River District, has a website called “Hooked on Scouting.” On that website they had this neat little video of one of their cubmobile races…

How can you not be inspired by that!?