At every level in Scouting, there is reference to having a belief in a higher power. You’ve probably heard “Duty to God” and “A Scout is Reverent” a million times!

 On February 8, or the Sunday immediately proceeding it, Boy Scouts of America celebrates “Scout Sunday.”

It’s held on this date because February 8, 1910 holds great significance to the BSA – it was the day the organization was founded. And that makes this year’s Scout Sunday an extra-special opportunity to do something really great in your home church to show the impact that Scouting has in our community.

In many churches, Scouts receive their religious emblems awards on this day. Scouts will act as greeters, readers, ushers, possibly having a get-together with coffee and doughnuts in the church hall following the service. Even if your parish isn’t doing something special at the service that you attend, all boys should wear their uniforms to church that day.

This year we will celebrate Scout Sunday on February 7, 2010. Please consider setting up a display or something special in your place of worship.