Saturday night while watching the news, they cut to a segment on Boy Scouts out braving the sub-freezing temps in Daytona for their special Centennial of Scouting program. I got a big kick out of that, given that at least to me Winter Camp is an important part of the program and that is something young men growing up in Florida probably don’t get to experience very often.

While looking for that newsworthy bit, I found this one – from the Jacksonville Florida News. It was a normal Webelos to Scout transition weekend ~ with 16 degree windchills! Rather unusual for Florida even in January.

From the article:

Eleven-year-old Chandler Smith summed up his weekend campout with fellow Scouts this way: “Idiots that know how to live in the cold.”

Parent and Scoutmaster John Whitaker said he got several e-mails and phone calls from parents last week, certain the campout would be canceled due to sub-freezing weather. He assured them the event would go off as planned.

“We camp out every month regardless of the conditions,” Whitaker said. “I had a few ask me if I’m crazy.”

“It’s that whole ‘be prepared’ thing.”

I never did end up finding the video I watched on the news last night, but here’s a bit of an article I found from the Channel 13 in Orlando website. Got a good laugh out of the last sentence I’ve pasted here:

Sleet and snow flurries weren’t exactly ideal conditions for camping, but the Scouts braving freezing temperatures made the most of it.

Snowmen were as common as campfires in the speedway infield. They survived the first night, and had one more to go.

“The adults were a little less enthusiastic about this trip, but the kids’ excitement was still high.”