Last night during our District Committee meeting, I got to give my report on the Fox River District website at

On the up-side, visits to the website are up! (As tracked by Google Analytics.) And most all of the comments I’ve received are positive. But, on the down side, our district website feels a bit like a Cub Scout website – the only comment I perhaps felt said I was still missing the mark.

I want this to be a website for everyone – not just Cub Scouts. And now that the structure is in place, it certainly can be. I want your help in making our district website feel and represent ALL Scouting in the Fox River District!

Ideally, 20-30 great Scouters will volunteer to write just one or two short articles per month. In a few brief sentences, tell us what makes YOU love Scouting! Tell us about ALL kinds of Scouting.

This isn’t a magazine with professionally written and edited articles – we just want to know what is important to you! Is it a pancake & porky? Tell us about an event you’ve hosted, or maybe one you are planning to. Who recently completed a service project in your Troop? Maybe the OA wants to get the word out to younger Scouts. Has your Crew returned from their best adventure ever? What makes Scouting in the Fox River District incredibly cool?

Don’t have any website experience? No problem! If you have Microsoft Word 2007 on your computer, and know how to use its basic functions, it’s as simple as writing in Word, and then clicking Publish, instead of Print. It really is that easy!

Contact me if you’re interested in being part of the team – I’ll get you set up and send you first time instructions.

And even if you’re not interested in being part of the “Web Team” I hope that you visit the Fox River District Website often and find it useful. You will find a calendar of special events for Scouts all over the area, links to individual units, and contact information for all of our committee members who really want to hear from you!

Once there, you’ll even find a place you can put your email address in so that when new items appear on the website, you’ll receive a short message telling you what has been posted. It’s a great way to know what is going on!

I sincerely hope you will visit soon!

Yours in Scouting Service,
Dan Gross