Denner Braid - Worn on the shoulderWhile talking to Scoutmaster G about providing a Den Chief for our Webelos, I mentioned that we have been using the Denner system since we started. He didn’t know what a Denner was. And if he didn’t know, others probably don’t either. Seemed like a good topic for a training post!

Having a Denner is important because it sets up the idea of leadership within the den on a rotating basis, and gives the boys a chance to practice their skills. The jobs that they have to do are fairly simple, but provide just enough responsibility to make sure they feel important and involved.

For us, Den Chiefs have been in short supply and high demand. When we get a Den Chief from the Boy Scouts, we want to make sure we are using that young man in the best way that we can, and having a Denner provides a great point of contact between the Den Chief and your Den. Your Den Chief can help your Denner with outstanding flag ceremonies, preparing the area, and getting the den focused and engaged in an activity. Rather than the Den Chief being focused on taking direction from you as a Den Leader, you can redirect him toward empowering your Denner to be able to do a great job.

I’ve included a handout used with my den that I wrote a few years ago. The use of a Denner in your den will help you find more time to do what you need to do, engage your boys, and help build more bridges to Boy Scouting. Please feel free to use it as a template as you decide what you want your own Denner to do! And if you currently use Denners, please share your helpful suggestions in the comments area.