“At 87, Bellflower Man May Be Oldest Boy Scout” – this headline caught my eye in my news reader coming from KCAL in California.

His 75 years with the Boy Scouts of America is certainly impressive, but I’m amazed that there are no other surviving Scouters out there closer to the 100 mark. Over the years, we have just lost touch with so many former Scouts who have graduated our program. From time to time we seek to find those individuals and find out the impact that Scouting has made on their lives. Our centennial is again one of those times of opportunities to help us find and reconnect with past-Scouts!

There are two main “reconnect with Scouting” websites out there, both the National Council’s http://www.scouting.org/alumni.aspx and the official alumni site at . There is also quite a bit of information on the Centennial website here: http://scouting.org/100years/100years/Default.aspx

I find that when I wear my uniform, or even Scouting shirts, around town, many people come up to me and talk to me about their Scouting experience as kids. Most of these conversations start with, “Hey, you’re a Scout! Have you ever taken your boys to…” And it’s a conversation I love to have! So many memories and positive feelings come out even in short passing conversations that I think it would be incredible to bottle even just some of that enthusiasm for when you’re feeling down.

Help us bottle those great memories! Take some time to make contact, and follow up. Fill out this form on the Alumni website, making contact with those Scouts once again.

And while Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are completely different organizations, let’s not forget our siblings who will celebrate their anniversary in 2012. A Girl Scout Alumni connection can be found at http://www.girlscouts.org/for_adults/alumnae/