Both LH and GW have posted this from Kathy Andersen that the Vintage Merit Badges have been placed on hold. Unfortunately, most folks probably never knew that there was a Vintage Merit Badge program in the works.

 The original hope was that a majority of Boy Scouts would earn at least one of these badges, all now discontinued, between 1/1 and 12/31 of 2010. Here we are in February, and no public word, so this whole program may just be scrubbed. (Or not – maybe just delayed? Who knows.)

 But if you’re curious, like me, you might want to know what was IN those Vintage Merit Badges. I found the following release from BSA about the Vintage Merit Badges you might like to look at. Again – this program has been placed on hold! You can NOT currently earn these badges.

Take a look at the 2010_Historical_Merit_Badges!