Thanks to Shannon Clarksen and Kevin Wozniak, I took a few minutes to update the EVENTS pages of this website. They wrote me to remind me of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Sports Show, and an upcoming MKE Iron Scout night, respectively. Every now and again I get an email like these, and I love to get them!

These were especially cool, since I had not yet found flyers for either of these programs yet, even though I’ve participated in both previously. The truth is, there is so much going on, it’s hard to find it all and get it listed here!

Generally speaking, I check the websites of most of the councils near us. Whenever possible I try to link back in to official Scouting websites, or rehost the documents when the URLs aren’t always so friendly. Other documents come through the Trailblazer, or are in the form of paper copies I get when I visit Racine, Waukesha and Milwaukee’s Scout Shops, or pick them up at Roundtable. Some of the flyers come directly from the source.

But my favorites are when you send them to me! Don’t forget to check out the EVENTS page from time to time, and when you find great Scouting resources or events – make sure you send them to me and I’ll get them put up here!

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