What a GREAT time to be involved in Scouting!

Last night, the New Orleans Saints, which use the Fleur de Lis as a team symbol, won the Super Bowl championship. Today, my Kindergarten son is celebrating “100 Day” (the 100th day of school) with his class by wearing 100 Mardi Gras bead strings for his class parade. And, of course 100 years ago today, Chicago publisher W.D. Boyce officially filed incorporation papers in Washington DC forming the Boy Scouts of America!


Not at all… God works in wonderous ways!

I wore my uniform to work today. (I am the IT Director at Waterford Union High School.) Kids have been stopping me all day today and either asking me why I am in uniform, or telling me about THEIR Scouting experience. What a wonderful thing to share, and I hope you consider doing the same – wearing some article of clothing or insignia that shows that you are proud of your participation in the Boy Scouts of America as well.

Likewise, there are lots of great articles and opinion pieces in news sources all across the country today. From today’s Kenosha News: Scouting instills values in males from youth to adulthood. The Christian Science Monitor: Boy Scouts: a century of promoting virtue. And the WIRED online magazine’s GeekDad: After 100 years, are the Boy Scouts still relevant?

As the day goes on I am sure there will be many more stories of Scouting in the press. Head on over to Google, type in Boy Scout, and click the News tab up at the top.