I wanted to post something special for the 100th Anniversary, and I came across this neat find. I’m pretty sure you’re not going to find it anywhere else online!

 I found an old recording of the Victory Military Band performing John Phillip Sousa’s Boy Scouts March from 1917! I looked it up in the National Library of Congress Archives, and even found the original manuscript to go along with it. How cool is that?

The recording is obviously very scratchy. But its very exciting to listen to! It debuted on 6/23/1917, and peaked as high as #8 on various popular music charts of the time.

Take a listen, and see what you think! (You will need a player for MP3 files.)

Boy Scouts [of America] March, by J.P. Sousa

[Edit: I just cleaned up the audio. Here’s the retouched version:

Boy Scouts [of America] March, by J.P. Sousa – cleaned]

One thing is for sure – I am betting that nobody involved ever figured that over 90 years later you would be sitting at your computer listening to them play over the Internet!