[EDIT MARCH 4, 2010: Den Chief Training has been cancelled due to lack of registrations. It will be held when there are a few boys interested in attending.]

Want to know what the next 10 years will look like in Boy Scouting? Take a look at today’s Cub Scouts. What do you see?

Many boys start Cub Scouts, but quit before they get to Boy Scouts. As leaders, we have spent a lot of time addressing this issue through programs like the Webelos to Scout transition programs that have been put in place. But there is a simple and amazing tool we have to get boys excited about being Boy Scouts – its having a Den Chief!

A Den Chief only needs to be about 2 years ahead of the boys he will be working with. He has to be mature enough to be able to redirect and focus the Cubs. But he has to be enough of a boy to inspire them as well – “I remember when my den…” And when those Webelos are ready to move up, they will look to your Troop and the mentor that they know as they think about what they want from Boy Scouts.

Den Chief training for our council will next be on Saturday March 6. Please print the attached flyer and share it with your Den Chief candidates in your Troop.