About a year ago, Jeff and I bought out a Troop Trailer from a group that had gone bust. It was a good deal, but most of the gear inside had to be pitched because of mold, and I ended up belt sanding the inside of the trailer and resealing everything. In the end, we came up with a beautiful and barely used 5×8 trailer at a good price, but with a lot of work.

Lots of Scout trailers get modified for the purpose. You put in shelves and maybe mounts to the outside for propane or to carry your spare tire outside, but I set out to put a 2 inch receiver on the back of mine. I’ve used it on several occasions already to carry a hitch-haul tray. (One that I am modifying in to a wagon, in fact. But I’ll save that for another post.) But the real reason I put the 2 inch receiver tube on the trailer was to be able to mount my bike rack! And I did just that for the Great Lakes Centennial Jamboree last fall.

Sure, I just have a paltry little 2 bike rack now, but I set out to find a rack capable of carrying the most bikes I could find. If you’re familiar with receiver mounted racks, they tend to keep carrying bikes further and further away from the vehicle on an arm that extends out the back. That in turn increases the leverage the weight of those bikes puts on hitch. Not a good situation where bikes will be bouncing around!

I found the answer! A company in Canada that makes a 6 bike rack. North Shore Racks makes this innovative rack to carry the bikes vertically! Each bike’s handlebars tipped to the right so they don’t touch! They stay close to the vehicle to reduce hitch stress. On my trailer, I would be able to further modify the rack to mount in 2 places at the top as well to hold the whole thing solid and tight.

With my Jeep and trailer, and another 6 passenger mini van with a 4 bike rack, we would easily carry 10 people, gear and bikes in just 2 vehicles with tons of room to spare on quite the adventure.

THAT is just plain cool!