I can hear the “I’m bored” kicking in – and its not June yet.

Summer vacation is great! For the first few days that is ~ but the fun wears thin long before August comes, and as often as the boys are out being Scouts, there is still a lot of time to kill.

Here’s a great idea! Each summer, participating bowling centers give kids who sign up two free games of bowling every day, all summer long!

Check out http://www.kidsbowlfree.com/ to get signed up! Signup starts this Tuesday, but you have to be signed up before school is out. If I remember correctly they close the program at some point.

There are participating alleys in both Kenosha and Union Grove. (I kind of wish the alley in Waterford was participating too! I may have to send this to them.) You can also purchase a “family pass” for about $25 which allows up to 4 adults to bowl up to two free games per day when you’re with the kids. Great family time together!