As many of you know, we recently formed Pack 323 in Waterford. Pretty cool stuff, and we have had a great time with it. However, we have been doing Pack meetings without an official flag.
I love doing flag ceremonies. It’s kind of funny, but rarely do we ever have a problem getting boys who want to either call, or be in the color guard. I think the kids enjoy it too!
Perhaps its the pomp and circumstance, or consistency of knowing what to do. Perhaps there is an extra bit of reverence during those moments, but all eyes face the color guard and for a few brief moments, we really are ‘one.’
Getting our official Pack flag is a big deal. So many boys will learn patience, respect and other virtues under those colors. They will stand proudly next to our great nation’s stars and stripes. We will Promise. We will follow the Law.
Our flag is at the start of its journey. It is still fresh and new. But it commands respect as if it were a trusted friend. It will gather us. Make lifelong friends. We will rally behind it on our Scouting journey.
Do you ever stop to think about what your flag means to your unit?