Admittedly, I’m not big on pulling things from the Trailblazer or the Yahoo Groups to repost here. My hope is that you’re already receiving those publications, and as such have already received that information. If you’re not – again I strongly encourage you to make sure you are doing so! (TB signup or FRDYahooGroups signup) Each one of these electronic resources does contain different relevant information to help with your Scouting experience!

However, an article in today’s Trailblazer caught my eye: the Seno Woodland Education Center is doing Scout programs! It was buried in the “day camp news” section on Page 13, so I don’t feel too bad about pointing it out here.

A week or so ago I wrote about how as my den moved into Webelos, I found that it made sense to start making advancement activities a special event. We began visiting various museums and non-formal educational partners to help with our Webelos Badge work.

Now, to be fair to our old friends at the Pringle Nature Center, very similar programs are already offered in our district very close by. But they frequently fill up, and sell out.

For just a few dollars and a couple hours of your time, Seno will help your boys earn the Forester, Naturalist, Geologist or Scientist badges – and provide all of the materials needed to do so! You only need to show up, and take home any final activities they give you to complete with your den after the event.

Don’t know where Seno is? You’ve passed it almost every time you head to Camp OhDaKoTa! It’s located just West of our camp (almost the other side of the road!) on Hwy P in Burlington! It’s close, convenient, inexpensive, and heck – what have you got to lose?