Do you like what we’ve done with the Fox River District website? Want to create something similar for YOUR unit?

FRD is built upon the “free and open source” project “WordPress.” It’s pretty neat, actually ~ tons of very talented people have come together voluntarily to create this wonderful tool, because they know that together they can create something better than any single person can. The core of WordPress is free for use – and is constantly under development. In many ways, its much like we do in Scouting, coming together to be something greater than any of us can imagine alone.

WordPress is about to release a major upgrade. (May 15 is the current target date!) One feature of particular interest to me is that they have greatly simplified a product formerly called “WordPress Multi-User” into the standard product that FRD is built upon.

Hopefully, when I next upgrade the software that FRD runs on, I will be able to create children sites for any units that want them with only a top level domain change, like: (that isn’t live yet – it’s just an example!)

WordPress 3.0 is due out yet in May, and then I have to figure out how to install and configure it, learn how to use it myself as well… When I get that all set up – I will try to host a boot camp for units that are interested in sending a potential webmaster and getting their own site set up here on our district domain.

And posting is really easy too – you can do it online, or set up Word 2007 or 2010, or even download a small application for your Blackberry or iPhone that lets you publish on the go! Photos, videos and text right from camp, as it happens – how cool is that?

And if you don’t want to host your website on the Fox River District domain, but you host it elsewhere, please let me know where your website is so I can link to it. As always, we ask all webmasters in our district to put a prominent link BACK to and A lot of information is posted on our district and council websites that we really want parents and volunteers to know.

Keep an eye out here, and make sure you’re part of the Fox River District Yahoo Email Group ( or you’ll find a link on the right side of this webpage under “District Links.”