WordPress 3.0 was released this weekend, and I upgraded FoxRiverBSA right away. There are many new features, but I think one of the coolest is that we will be able to host many websites from this single website, each with their own unique users, look and feel.

My plan is to give a very easily maintainable website to ALL Fox River units who want one!

I found one little mistake that I made early onĀ that is makingĀ things a bit difficult. When I first worked on the site I tried to save the old website for some time and installed WordPress into a subdirectory – that is why you see “/blog/” as part of the URL. Because of that, I can only create unit websites also in subdirectories – in other words foxriverbsa.org/yourunit.

My goal is to provide a URL like yourunit.foxriverbsa.org that is uniquely your own! But I may have to start from scratch to make that happen.

Because of that, over the next few weeks, you may find the website is unavailable or that you may have to create a new subscription if you subscribe via RSS or email. If all goes well, this won’t be necessary but since I will be installing from scratch you never know.

I look forward to this exciting change!