I got the opportunity this weekend to go to a really cool event. Ken Penge organized a Fox River District fun day at Adventure Territory in Kenosha. It was open to every Scout of every age!

In the years since I had last been to Adventure Territory it had grown from a barn with a couple of video games, mini golf and a go cart track, into something that is starting to actually look like an amusement park. Both kids & adults enjoyed $8 admission which got us 2 go-kart rides, 2 bumper car rides, unlimited mini-golf, bumper boat rides (and we got really wet!), and laser tag in a very cool play area. Each one of us also received 10 tokens for the game room, so the kids were able to score on the redemption games and bring back some small toys from their experience.

Ken tells me that 7 different units showed up, and there were boys from both Cub and Scout programs in attendance. I have to admit I was a bit surprised that this was attended as lightly as it was given the great weather and the normal price of these activities. (It’s pretty rare that any of these attractions can be done for far less than $1 each!)

In all, my family of 4 spent almost 5 hours at the park and with slushees and hot dogs we spent about $50 total – about what we spend when we go out to eat. Overall, a great value! Best of all, we got to see friends from several other units, and events where Scouts get to meet other Scouts are the best kind of events!

Ken plans several events each year – from District Roller Skating Parties to Bowling for both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. These events are a phenomenal family entertainment value, and just a great way to get out with your kids in a clean and safe environment surrounded by other Scouting families. Hope you can join us the next time!