At last week’s roundtable, we talked a little about units cooperating with one another.

The last four years of my Scouting have been spent in Pack 324 which had grown large and had difficulty finding a place to meet that could accommodate our meetings. Last spring, we split, chartering a new unit – Pack 323. In many ways this has been great. We’re able to make sure every boy gets the spotlight and the flow of our meetings has been much easier to manage.

But it also means we’ve left many great friends behind. Our boys have been very involved in youth sports and other recreational activities, and have made friends at all of the nearby schools. Our Pack ended up splitting along school lines, so at least through Scouting there are many more friends we just will not see very often anymore.

Waterford is currently home to five Cub Scout Packs. Since Pack 323 formed, we’ve looked for ways to reach out and include others. Our hope is to have the best of being “small” and the best of being “big” through unit cooperation!

We signed up for summer camp before our Packs split, so our first opportunity to work together meant that we attended summer camp with Pack 324. In August, we followed that up with an overnight to the Green Bay Packer’s Hall of Fame with boys from 3 area Packs able to join us. And today I’m coming down after a great event, getting to know yet another great bunch of families from Pack 332 that we joined for a Cubmobile Downhill Derby!

Over the years, my older son & I have been fortunate to attend events hosted by many other Packs. But I believe my younger son, now a Tiger, is even more fortunate to benefit from this new level of cooperation that helps the boys get to know one another, and provides opportunities for all. I look forward to all of our units getting together in the future, if for no other reason but to share a little of the brotherhood that is the Boy Scouts of America.