Well we did an excellent job of recruiting this year, but we have missed so many boys that want to get in on the act. YEP, despite out efforts every year we miss half the boys that wanted to be there at join us night. Some lose the flyer, Some forget to tell mom or dad, and others simply had something to do that night out of their control. Whatever the reason each year the same thing happens and we must reach out to those broken hearted boys and let them know we did not forget them.

I’m asking each pack in our district to run a follow up to their join us night to bring these boys in. Now maybe a full separate join us night is not needed, perhaps bringing them out to a pack night or other event would work best, perhaps on a different night then your last meeting. USE THE BOYS, don’t forget about that awesome recruiter patch the boys can earn for recruiting scouts into your pack. Let the boys do some recruiting for you and tell them about the patch they can earn.

Oh and boy scout leaders don’t forget there are plenty of boys out there for you as well. Start using peer to peer recruiting and utilize the assets of your troop ( The Boys). Think about doing a presentation at the Grade school for 6th graders, be creative. Don’t assume if they haven’t joined by now they wont. They are out there and I meet them all the time. A program that did appeal to a cub scout aged boy when he was younger (crafts and projects and simple outings) might just be what he is waiting for as he ages (Camping, Hiking,canoeing,cycling,Knifes,axes & guns and helping to plan his own adventures)

What I have found is that giving the boys a second chance to join not only brings in more boys but also more potential leaders as well. And who does not need more leaders?

Flyers for a second recruiting night can be made by your Pack or Troop or you can call Katie Dembowski at council to arrange flyers be dropped off at your school.

Remember my Motto “Every boy deserves to be a scout”
Go get em!