A tenet of Scouting is that we provide recognition to our Scouts for a job well done. For our youngest Cubs, this is through our Immediate Recognition programs. Boy Scouts are recognized through merit badges and rank advancement. Our outstanding adult volunteers are recognized by the District Award of Merit at our annual District Dinner.


The District Award of Merit is the highest award that is given to a Scouter at the District level and also the only “non-square knot” in the knot award group. The District Award of Merit is awarded to a registered leader who renders service of an outstanding nature on the district level. This person must have rendered noteworthy service to youth; should have contributed some type of service to youth outside of scouting; and the leader should render outstanding service beyond the expectation of duty for a period of no less than 5 years. Self-nomination is not permitted, and nominee should not be notified they have been nominated.


The Fox River District also recognizes several additional adult awards. These can be awarded to any up and coming volunteers involved with a unit in the Fox River District. The only way we know about these hard working folks is through YOUR nomination, so help us recognize their efforts!

  • Lean on Me: Given to a registered leader in your unit, that you can call upon at the last minute, and they will come through.
  • Midas Touch:  Given to a registered leader in your unit who seems to make good things happen when they get involved.
  • Spark Plug:  Given to a registered leader who has gone “above and beyond” the duties of his/her position in the unit for at least two years, and has contributed their time helping our district in at least two separate activities.
  • Silver Dollar: Given to a registered leader in your unit who has helped in a special way, or given an extra effort to help raise funds or resources or their unit, or for scouting in general.


Nomination forms will be available at Roundtable, or can be emailed to Glenn Bordak, District Chairman.