Each Pack/Troop/Crew Needs to provide:

  • 2-3 Lane Sponsors (more is better!)
  • 1+ teams of Youth Bowlers
  • 1+ teams of Adult Bowlers (non Scouting Adults is better)
  • 5 adults (different than Bowlers) for Packer Party
  • Food for Potluck


Sponsors need to be acquired ASAP so signage can be made

Sign up Bowlers with Kelley – should at least know if having trouble so we can find another troop or pack to pool their resources.

Each Pack/Troop/Crew should be assigned an amount and type of food to bring (meat/main, appetizer, food service products, etc)


IMPORTANT: Get Scouts to invite non scouting friends to join them – and have their parents attend – even if they don’t want to bowl. Get Adults to bowl or come to the Packer Party that are not involved in Scouts. Send Lane Sponsor info including contact info(in case more info is needed for the sign) and mailing address (to send thank you’s) and Bowler Info (adult or child also) to:

Flyers are available to hand out to your unit. Helpful instructions for making calls can also be printed.

PLEASE tell us if you are having trouble fulfilling the needs of this crucial fund raiser. We realize it is very last minute but the success of Fox River District is depending on your help!

Working Together we can accomplish anything!