My job used to have me travel, and one thing I really enjoyed was listening to podcasts – audio that was recorded and delivered to my MP3 player by a subscription. Each time I would plug in, the newest episodes would download & be ready for me to listen in my car.

The popularity of smart phones now means many of us no longer have to plug in our devices each day. They can synch up over the air any time new media is available. Armed with my Droid X, Google’s “Listen” app has really brought me back to podcasting.

Listen, available through the Android Marketplace from Google for free, keeps all your favorite podcasts up to date on your phone. One neat thing I really like about Listen is that it includes a synchronized online component as part of Google Reader that lets you keep everything organized and up to date across your computer and all other devices you connect.

To use Listen, you must have a Google account. If you have an Android phone, you probably already do. You can then install the Listen App from Marketplace, and put in your Google account information. Then visit Google Reader, and add some of the feeds below to the “Listen” category in Reader. They will begin to show up on your phone in minutes! Each time you press play, you will get the newest audio programs published!

Here are some great Boy Scout related “feeds” that you can put into Listen, or whatever your favorite Podcatcher may be:

There are thousands of audio feeds out there. Other favorites come from NPR, and The Onion.