Tonight we honored a number of Scouters in the Fox River District. Those who keep our units running, to those who do an amazing job time and time again keeping the district functioning. Along with each award is a wonderful little tribute detailing some of the major milestones in the Scouting career of those we are recognizing.

Above all, two great Scouters were honored tonight. Ben couldn’t join us – he was working with the boys, and sleeping in Eagle Cave tonight. Bill gave a great little reflection speech, in regards to his dyslexia and how each time he said “ON” it was followed up with an “… Friday night would be great!” or “… if you could have it done by Sunday.”

But I think Deb summed it up probably best – each and every one of the folks in that room were there because they choose not to say “no.” They rise above their own needs and recognition to be the person in the back always making it happen. Deb’s closing minute was the one about tossing the starfish back into the sea. In that room tonight were some of the folks I look up to the most – the ones that make a difference, one boy at a time. Picking each one up, lifting them high – and giving them the chance they need to go the distance.

Of course we had lots of fun too – a magical night was had by all, as Vern became a human sieve, Delisa ALMOST lost $20, and Deb viewed firsthand the powers of ESP. The food was great, and the company was even better.

I’m sure in every one of our lives we have to ask ourselves if it’s worth it. Sometimes, we wonder if anyone ever notices. Each time I hear the impressive stories of our award recipients it humbles me in how long of a journey I have not yet taken. How great are the footsteps in which we all hope to follow!

Is it worth it? Not for the recognition. It’s worth it for each and every boy whose lives you have touched. Each of the young men who are better, because of what you are and where you chose to be. Thanks Bill for saying ON, and to you too Ben for continuing to do tonight what you do so well.