It’s hard to believe our “Year of Celebration” has ended.

For 101, you’re still looking pretty darn good, Boy Scouts of America!

Did you know that more Scouting units are chartered by churches than aren’t?! According to a report published on PRAY’s website, the top three chartering organizations in order are the Church of Latter Day Saints, the United Methodist Church, and the Roman Catholic Church. Don’t worry Scouts – all of the other churches are pretty high up there on the list too – and many of the non-church organizations that sponsor units are also faith based as well.

Remember that a Scout is Reverent!

February 8 each year marks the birthday of the BSA. On the Sunday falling directly on, or just before, February 8 – most churches will celebrate Scout Sunday! Scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms to church, and units chartered by churches will have organized special readings, awards presentations and perhaps even fundraisers to celebrate this very important occasion.

Even if you don’t know what your church is planning tomorrow, please make sure you wear your uniform and help us celebrate our 101st Birthday!