This weekend Troop 324 went camping in Lake Geneva with Glaciers Edge Troop 239. The venue was a unique one – a family farm that was placed into conservancy many years ago, now with tall stands of timber, trails and a man-made pond.

Troop 324 camped at the very end of “the runway” – a grass strip that the owner uses to land his plane! Others camped down by the waterfront, or in the tall tree stands around the property.

From that standpoint, it was much like any other Troop level outing. We employed three patrols cooking for our minor meals, and the boys ran the show. A lot of advancements were done, and the kids had a great time – enjoying the heat!

But Troop 239 knew how to throw a party! Pack 239 was also holding their Family Camp 2011, and there were many ceremonies and much work that was done on that end. The Preserve has become almost a private Scout Camp – with trails being cleared, campsites and new activities dotting the landscape. The Cub Scouts had Martial Arts demonstrations, Tie Dyed tee-shirts and plenty of other fun and games to be had! The Boy Scouts had their fun as well, and thanks to Bill & Mitch Guynn from Troop 324 for setting up a mile long Compass Course through the woods that kept groups of boys busy all day long!

When it came to dinner, Troop 239 provided an “out of this world” Pig and Chicken Roast! Complete with Wild Rice dressing, and Funnel Cakes too.

The evening program included a flag retirement with over 100 flags. It was an amazing sight to see. Four Civil War Reenactors fired off black powder, an appropriate salute to our Colors which have served our country so well.

What an amazing weekend to remind the boys what Scouting is all about. I work with our younger

Scouts, and I will say that I think these kinds of experiences are the ones that imprint on one’s Soul, and help set the moral compass.

Thank you to our friends in Lake Geneva; especially all those who donated their time, efforts, food and more. We had an amazing weekend!

If you’re interested in seeing more of the pictures, you can check out my Moelter set on Flickr.