(by Graeme Gross)

You’ll never quite feel the same after being at Boy Scout Camp R.S. Lyle. Impressive ceremonies, open program, patrol cooking, Scotch the Dog… The list goes on and on. Let me tell you about the time that I spent an entire week up at Lyle.

It started off with a five hour drive arriving at 11:00 at camp in Elcho, Wi. My tent had already been set up for me by one of the adults because I had arrived late. Up goes the cot, my sleeping bag and pillow, and my friend Jack and I crashed for the night.
7:00 wake-up and breakfast duties came along after everyone was up. After cleanup came morning program and a mad dash to the different stations. Where to go first? Because Camp Lyle features an open program, I could work on whatever I wanted!

I decided to buddy up with Brian, Will, and Jack who were already headed to the Eco-Con Area to work on the environmental science merit badge. After partially completing the badge, I decided to work on Swimming Merit Badge at the Lakefront with my friend Patrick. Liam (the counselor) started right away and I almost finished the badge.

Lunch came around and more duties were yet to come. Picking up food was not hard. Cleaning was. Throughout the week, reveille, charge, and Taps were commonly heard around camp, thanks to the bugler. (ME!) More badges were earned, more scouts moved up in rank, and I was usually around the waterfront teaching kids how to swim.

7 merit badges (highlights were orienteering, swimming, and Rifle Shooting.)  , 2 awesome ceremonies, and 4 partially completed badges later, camp was over.

Other highlights were the date with “Suzy”, skits at the firebowl, and friendly staff.

Wow! What an amazing campout!