(by Graeme Gross)

Man-oh-man-oh-man-oh-man! Have I got a story to write about my scout council’s camporee! Listen carefully…

August 19, 2011

Departure from troop meeting place (nearby school)

A bit more than a half hour later, we had arrived at our campsite and one of the staff members walked us to our part of the massive open field. We had a large area for the 5 kids and 2 adults that decided to go from our troop. Like just about every other campout, first worry was set-up. Tents were pitched, chairs were unfolded, and other gear was set up. Then came dinner at McDonald’s, where we met another first grader asking us about cub scouts and how awesome we were! We even encouraged him enough that his dad was going seeking for a nearby pack after…

Uncooked smore’s and lots of snores after.

August 20, 2011

Good morning! Our first meal provided was croissant sandwitches from Hardee’s. My buddy ate 4.
Then the moment everyone had been fearing was near. A big, angry thunderstorm rolled in and poured steadily over our heads. Instead of waiting at the rainy, crowded line for the shuttle, we decided to set off on our own.
The only area open after 7-some stops were the model trains, so we stopped in to take a look. My favorite train car was a tootsie roll tanker, in G scale.

After more hiking, stopped by the sea scouts area for some shelter and to talk. The rain finally cleared up and we boarded a shuttle to the zoo. We all grabbed a scavenger hunt sheet and went searching. I almost completed my scavenger hunt, but had to leave to go on a lighthouse tour.

A speech about the lighthouse with the star, you guessed who- me! in the spotlight. I learned about the fernell lens that used to be up in the lighthouse. I got to see the original fog horn and completed another scavenger hunt at the beach. After an hour, we were finally allowed to go in the lighthouse.

142 steps and two hatches were contained inside this lighthouse. When I got to the top, I was a little dizzy at first. I got to see the new lens at the top of the lighthouse. Then I got down and ate lunch- subs provided by DeRango’s. Creating a leather-work project, eating pizza lasagna. Then came the sand castle contest. We built what the judges nicknamed the “complex”. A stone filled lake, a forest, sand dunes, a capitol building, a desert. Dinner- Pasta, Meatballs, and Fried Chicken. Once again compliments of Derango’s. A evening show put on by ComedySportz- where scouts were the stars of the show. We discovered a homeless man after the show and gave him some food. Boy, did he have a smile on his face. Bed and take down in the morning. Breakfast- Cheese Danish.

One of the coolest campouts I’ve ever been to.