Camp Ohdakota is under siege and the United Nations needs your help.
Fox river District – OCTOBER 14th to 16th
Cost $15.00 per scout $8.00 for adults and volunteers – Register by 10-5-11
Your mission should you choose to accept it:
• Assemble and prepare your patrol for a weekend excursion.
• Call Council and schedule your troop to attend the outing by 10-5-11 deadline.
• Create a duty roster and a creative meal plan for a Breakfast and a Dinner on Saturday, Lunch is provided on Saturday. Duty roster and Meal plans must be completed using the official forms
Please use the forms provided and turn them in once you check in. Forms must also be posted in the Patrols camp once the UN Ambassador for your patrol has signed them.

Mission Impossible Duty and Meal Plans

• Patrols should use a cost estimate of $10.00 per person for remaining meals for the weekend. This $10.00 budget is not part of the entry fee and must be collected by your troop. Patrols must cook in sight using the patrol method; this is part of the scoring for the event.
• Each troop shall supply a minimum of two adult members to aid in running the event. Senior scouts 5th year and above are encouraged to run stations at the event.
• Arrive at camp either on Friday October 14th between 6:00 & 7:30pm if camping or 8:00am on October 15th if doing this as a day outing for Patrol registration.
• Webelos 2 scouts may camp with and participate with Boy scout patrols, but should have some knowledge of scout skills of the tenderfoot through first class scout.
• Assemble and bring with you the following items for each patrol: 8pcs- 5’ to 6’ foot long poles
(Wood Broom handles or ¾” conduit will work), 8- 10’ Lengths Lashing rope, 1 compass, Scout handbook.

If you have questions regarding the event please contact Ken Penge at –