It’s official – after several months of hard work (which really isn’t a long time for these kinds of things) the Southeast Wisconsin and Milwaukee County Councils have officially decided to become the new Three Harbors Council.

This is pretty neat – after all, Southeast was formed from the merger of the Racine and Kenosha County Councils. The lighthouse image gives a nod to something that is the same in all three areas, yet as distinct from one another as we all are. They stand proud and tall through all seasons, in fair weather and poor. What better to serve as inspiration and to align our mission?

Start thinking about Council Shoulder Patches! Let’s see if we can find an equally honorable way to represent the Fox River District through the shoulder patch contest. We’re a bit more rural, the Fox River is our major waterway, and we’re home to Camp OhDaKoTa, our only camp within our council.

I know I will be proud to wear the new CSP as soon as they are available! Read the official release and find more information, as always, at