Earlier this summer our troop took a canoe trip on the Wisconsin River. Most of my life has been spent on or around water. I have great respect for the power of water and what it can do. The fact that a river can rise 6-10 inches in a matter of a few hours didn’t escape me. After all, I live on the river and have experienced its flooding.

And like other Scouters, I believe that there is a time and place for electronic devices – and that’s not usually on a Scout outing.

So I read with great interest this story of an Illinois troop that collected the boys’ cell phones before their overnight outing, only to become separated during their trip.

This story has a happy ending. The boys knew what to do, and everyone was found safely. But I have to believe that it was a scary few hours for everyone involved. We should still set limitations for how and why they are used, but from this point on I will look at that Scout’s cellphone much differently.