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Status update..

Thanks to all those that came out this weekend for the NEW mission impossible and a special thanks to all our volunteers that made this event possible. We could not have done this without you.

16 different stations kept the scouts busy as they moved in a round robin fashion throughout the camp. Missions ranged from basic scout skills to logic and teamwork exercises. The camp wide geo cache game ended a bit early with the addition of some rain but the late night showing of Mission impossible 1 on Friday night and Mission Impossible 2 on Saturday night made up for it for those that wanted that late night experience, and all the popcorn they could eat.

Some of our volunteers that signed up early really got into the mood and added their own props and story lines to the stations which added to the flavor of the event. I loved the added sound effects but I think some of our volunteers might still be hearing them in their sleep tonight.

Next years event will be different, but promises to bring a new level of excitement to our district..Stay tuned for details in the upcoming months.


Participating this year were the following units: T328,T329,T332,T336,T343,T350,T385,P328,P329,P332,P385