David Buggs and Dan Gross are beginning some work on moving the website to a new host. We need to do this because the current website has really reached its service end for what we are asking of it technically. It needs some major upgrades and we feel the best way to do that is by moving it to a new host.

Fox River District has been operational now for many years. There are some errors in the database, and things I would just like to do differently. In short, I’m going to take this opportunity to start over. The website and content will hopefully look a lot like it does now, but we’re going to do some Overhaulin’ under the hood. When we’re done, I hope that our Facebook integration will work and maybe we can even help provide unit websites to those who want them. These upgrades are a large part of why we want to move the website.

Please be patient with us over the next few weeks as we use what little volunteer time we have on this project. You may encounter the website down, or broken links from time to time. Don’t worry – foxriverbsa.org isn’t going away! We’re just doing a little remodeling.

Thanks again for your patience!