Chess may have roots going back 2000 years, but it is still a new merit badge for Boy Scouts. Taking advantage of the ‘down time’ between Christmas and New Years, the Lions Club of Wauwatosa played host to an all-day Chess workshop on Friday December 30, 2011. Representing 4 Troops, 4 Crews and even a Wolf Cub: 22 Scouts and more than a dozen adults gathered to play chess and earn this new Merit Badge. Troop 111 and Troop 332 helped put together this event.

Terry Frei and Jeff Adams were our Chess experts, and gave the boys and girls a great base upon which to build. With everyone playing we had nearly 20 chess boards in action!

In the end, new friendships were made and old friendships renewed. Some of these boys have camped together previously at other camporees. We all agreed that we would soon get together to do something else together soon!