Mention “Klondike” to a Scout and it conjures up images of snowshoes, ice fishing and pulling a heavy sled up a hill like a pack of Huskies. But not this year!

The 2012 Fox River District Winter Camporee was beset with a beautiful day around 40′ and no snow. Sure, it made pulling the sleds a little harder, but it didn’t slow the Scouts down one bit!

Order of the day included a GPS/Compass course that covered the entire event – Scouts had to find their way to all stations, without station numbers. They built a working trebuchet, and found a hunter shot in the woods. Lucky Scouts even participated in Shotgun/Skeet shooting and Tomahawk throwing stations!

Expecting a soup dump, lunch was outstanding with some of the best breadsticks and MostacholiI think I’ve had even not at Boy Scout camp!

Want more pictures? Check out Troop 385’s Facebook album!