Sorry for the delay in getting the district website back online. I ran into some problems that took a considerable amount of time to fix, and not having the time, there was a delay. Most of the database is back now, but it appears that I may have lost the links to the websites of individual units. I’m going to check through my stuff to see if I may have them tucked away, otherwise I’ve got to do that portion from scratch again.

There may be some issues, like the naming structure has changed slightly for articles, so I’m not sure how things like old links inside the website are going to work, or old Feedburner emails, but some of it I will try and straighten out and the rest we’ll just move forward from here. There should be some new features like facebook page integration and more as well on the way! I’m also testing the multi-site features that let me host similar websites for units that want a site here on the website as well.

Thanks for being patient as I work all of this out!