The following was excerpted from a recent message sent by Ken Walton, Gateway District Advancement Chair:

On Monday evening, several hours were spent hashing out procedures on how our Eagle applications, workbooks (and there will be more meeting on this one) and reference letters will be handled. For now, until we finalize our understanding and the understanding of the nation rules, enclosed will be the policy we will be following. You will notice there is a section that states the Scout is responsible for handing out the reference letters to the people he has on the application (this is an area we will be addressing down the road). Well these letters were in the Eagle packet that is given to boys when they made life (per their advancement form that was turned in by the Adv. Ch. of the troop) at the time they turn in the form. Being we did not do it that way, none of our boys who made Life received any of these letters. It is my understanding that they can be downloaded from the website, or give to by council for the time being.

Also, on Monday was the discussion (but nearly as long as needed and this to, will be another meeting upcoming) the Eagle workbook. The format is entirely different than what was used in the past. The beginning phase is concept, along with brief description of the project, and what is believed to be necessary to get the project approved. What also needs to be included, is ALL the contact information, and ALL the signatures, BEFORE you turn it into the District Chairman. One area I am noticing (because it hasn’t been done before) is boys are not listing the Eagle Coach. EVERY life Scout who is working on a project MUST have one. There will be an Eagle Coach training in the future, and will be required to be one if you plan on reviewing and assisting with a Scout’s Eagle write up/workbook. The Scout cannot work on his project until the coach has reviewed it with him and advised him appropriately. Please take the role seriously! And do not pencil whip it so the Scout can get started. Explanation’s, plans, forethought, materials, etc will need to be included. Failure to have a quality workbook, would have an impact on his Eagle Board of Review. If a Scout in your troop or crew, would like to have someone from the district work with him, that will be fine and we will assign someone to him. This does not mean, that who is working with him, is who his mentor is! It is just what I said it is. Someone to work with him on his Eagle Booklet. Obviously all the answers are not here, and there are still going to be growing pains.