We are well into our 2012 campaign for Family Friends of Scouting. It’s important that we donate our time to Scouting and all those reading this are certainly committed.

We also need your financial support to keep our training, camps, and programs strong for these boys and girls. The brochure below will help illustrate the big picture:


This brochure will be handed out to everyone as we give out presentations. Please forward this brochure to your parents through your units email lists so they can get a preview of what’s ahead and encourage them to give what they can. The goal is to sponsor a scout for one year at $165. This is not possible from every family but we must all give what we can.

If you have already had a Friends of Scouting presentation you may want to forward this to those who were not at the presentation, or alumni of your unit.

One way to contribute is to click on this link and contribute on line with a credit card. This link will show as part of our newly formed Council– Three Harbors.


Thanks for your support!

Denis Druker
Family Friends of Scouting Chair. for Fox River District
ph 262-744-6739