Is your unit fully TRAINED?

With JTE having your leadership fully trained is more important than ever. If you have adult assistant Scoutmasters, you need to get them trained! Fortunately, we have both Indoor and Outdoor training just a few weeks away! Over two consecutive weekends in April, you can get your leadership fully trained. Even neater, you’ll get to check out two really great properties used by the Boy Scouts that many of us haven’t visited before: Indian Mound Reservation and Camp Quad (formerly known as Camp Journal and Camp Erin.)

During our discussion at Roundtable last night, Glen reminded us that as youth who are turning 18 age out but want to stay involved, we have to enlist them as ASMs not on the Troop Committee. When recharter comes around you may then find that you are not fully trained. Therefore, you may have some select 17 year olds who you want to let know that this would be a great time for them to get trained!