The creation of Three Harbors Council presents a unique opportunity to enhance the Scout Heritage Museum’s collection with the addition of historic memorabilia from the Southeast Wisconsin Council.

The museum’s mission is to develop and· implement a program for gathering, renovating, repairing, cataloging and preparing for exhibit, preservation or storage, Scouting items of historical value and interest. Special emphasis is placed on the preservation of the council’s Scouting memorabilia.

While the museum’s current collection is widely recognized as one of the finest in the United States, the addition of historical materials from the Southeastern Wisconsin Council will certainly enhance that reputation and more importantly allow for the preservation and display of a completely new collection of historical Scouting items.

To insure that Southeastern Wisconsin Council’s historical Scouting materials are collected and carefully prepared for exhibition the museum’s committee is actively reaching out to current and former Southeastern Wisconsin Council professionals, Scouters, volunteers and other interested individuals. Please see the attached flyer for more information on how you can help: Heritage Museum Update.