No, seriously!

National Geographic Channel is casting for a new reality TV show called “Are You Tougher Than A Boy Scout?”

Unfortunately, at least for now, casting for this first season is only open to California residents. Guess that means we won’t see any Okpik toughness. Contestants might have to fight off the Paparazzi or tip some Happy Cows, but I’ll bet there will be some cool Pacific Kayaking and maybe some tropical island action as well.

Hopefully this show will fare better than BSA’s other foray into commercial media: Scouting for Adventure. SFA became a great show over its 4 year run so far, but has been relegated to the dead of night infomercial time on the obscure Outdoor Channel. DVDs are available of previous seasons and are well worth watching!

In fact, we should have a little BSA marathon! We could open up with Disney’s Follow Me, Boys! and finish up with Scout Camp, the Movie after a few episodes of Scouting for Adventure. What do you think?