I found this in the BSA’s Innovation Engine. I have many friends in Scouting who have served our country, undoubtedly lost fellow Scouts and Scouters, and I’m not sure how much they know of this ~ so it struck me as a great item to share here on FoxRiverBSA.

Recently a great friend and former Scouting professional’s son was killed in action while serving in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. He was a former Scout in my service area.

One item of recognition that exists but is relatively unknown is the Gold Star Memorial that can be put on a unit’s flag. The star indicates that a current or former member of the unit died in service to their country. The information is on page 55 of the insignia control guide. The listed order number is #11117 and retail for $4. For some reason they are a custom design item and take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Remember that a unit may not know what happened to an alumni from years ago who lost his life serving our country. This is a nice way to remember a fallen Soldier, and help keep him in the hearts of our youth.