It seems that it wasn’t all that long ago that the BSA’s long beloved Tour Permit became our current Tour Planning Worksheet. And with the current Tour Plan the BSA’s early efforts at filling one out online sort of went away.

The BSA has continued to address the best possible way to help make sure that units are following safe practices, without creating too much paperwork for those who have to fill them out and approve them. Enter the BSA’s new “Tour and Activity Plan” which will be filled out online and immediate approval given based on meeting plan criteria.

The conditions under one must file a plan have changed as well, now only being required for outings outside of our local Council, except for to camp properties, or when certain types of activities are part of the program: aquatics, climbing, flying, shooting or motorized vehicles. Councils can set more stringent requirements, such as Cub Scout overnight camping – which under the normal rules, if done in-council, will no longer require a tour and activity plan to be filed!

There will still be a paper form available, but all units are encouraged to submit their Plans online via MyScouting about 3 weeks ahead of time.

Want to learn more? Check out the YouTube video below, as well as the new FAQ for the upcoming Tour and Activity Plan!